Diving into the Fullness

I’ve grown up being taught that you can look at every situation as “glass half full” or “glass half empty.” I really never liked it when people would tell me to choose one or the other because growing up, I never viewed my life as either–just the happy medium; AND when I think of glasses being full or empty of something, I picture milk..I hate milk. Now, this doesn’t mean that I had a horrible life or that I wasn’t incredibly blessed, because I am very blessed. I just have never been the negative nancy or the shoot for the moon, reach for the stars positive peggy type. However, God has been walking me through a process of looking at my glass as 100% full–all the time, no matter the circumstances.

Over the past two to three months I’ve been overwhelmed with finals, getting ready to move into my new house from my old house, adjusting to life away from college, and watching a friendship I’ve held very close to my heart for the last two years fall apart before my eyes. I’m tired–emotionally, physically, spiritually. But God is so nice. I don’t think that there has been a time in the last two weeks that I haven’t entered into the presence of God crying and on my knees, and I’ve been learning that its okay. I’ve had to tell God “I’m empty” in which He so kindly responds “I’ll fill you up, your nothing is enough.” Jesus has been so faithful in stooping down to make me great (Psalm 18:35). What is so funny is that my life from the outside would be in a glass half empty season, but instead God has shifted my perspective–I don’t need a half full or empty glass because He calls me to live from the overflow, because who He is is enough!

Yesterday I was spending time with God and listening to a sermon and the passage of 2 Kings 4:1-7 came up. The story starts out with a woman whose husband had just died and she goes and tells Elisha that all she has to live off of is a tiny bit of oil. Well, Elisha gives a prophetic word and tells her to “Go around and ask all of your neighbors for empty jars. Don’t just ask for a few.” So she did. After that Elisha told her to go home and pour the oil into the jars, as the jars get full she needed to set them aside. Why? Why did she need to get all of those jars? She probably didn’t even have enough oil to fill up one jar. The woman was seemingly empty. But she did what Elisha had said..and she filled up every single jar to the point that she ran out of jars before the oil stopped flowing!! When she finished she took the jars to Elisha in which he instructed her to go use the oil to pay off her debts and use the excess to support her and her sons with! God gave her exceedingly more than what she even could’ve expected! In her emptiness, God made her full.

This story helped solidify the work God has already been doing in my life. I have decided that I will choose to live from the overflow of the character of who God is and expect his goodness in my life. We as humans can’t sit around and try to determine if our glass is half full or half empty on any particular day–but we have to expect that when we feel the most empty, God is faithful to come and give us a refill..because He says that when he begins a good work in us he will finish it! I will hold onto that promise in this season, I will expect nothing less than to be overflowing, even if the overflow doesn’t look like what I expect, even if the overflow includes me hurting and being refined so I can recieve more later. I will bring what I have, even if it is my nothing, and I WILL watch my oil be multiplied!


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