My Best Friend Bought Me Coffee

I have a best friend. My best friend is probably the most gentle, most humble, most incredible woman of God anyone will ever meet. She really is my other half. But today was one of those days that you get a new sense of thankfulness for whoever is around you, and for me that was my best friend.  I’ll give you a little background on my bestie: We go to two different colleges that are about 2 hours away from each other, shes an amazing singer, and she is absolutely in love with Jesus.


We have always been those friends that can sit for hours and talk and talk and talk and not realize that we have been sitting in a restaurant booth for 3 hours and we are officially late to whatever other plans we had that day. But today was different–(if you have been keeping up with my blog, you know that my life for the last few weeks has been pretty tough) best friend had reserved her afternoon for me, to fix her attention to listen to me, to sit with me without any plans for when she was done. She wanted to hear me. To love me. To make me feel known. So after a couple of hours hanging out with a group of people my best friend took me to a bookstore in our hometown and bought me coffee where we proceeded to sit..and talk. I talked, a lot. My talking was filled with heartache, but it was also filled with these desires and hopes and dreams. As tears filled my eyes on multiple occassions, I would look up and her eyes would be filled with tears too. My pain, was her pain. It wasn’t until I had finished talking that she reminded me that the season I am in is the same kind of season she was in about a year ago. My pain I’ve been experiencing literally was like her pain she had experienced. As she lovingly talked me through my life and allowed God to speak to her on my behalf, I was refreshed. My soul was encouraged. I knew that God had given her to me to walk with me through seasons of life like this one. She refixed my eyes on Jesus. She reassured me God was good, that he was for me. Of course, this moment was one that I saw the character of God.IMG_4227

My best friend isn’t walking through a painful season–yet she felt my pain.
Jesus didn’t sin–yet he took my punishment.
She had other things to do today–but she fixed her attention on me.
God could take care of bigger things–but He chooses to focus in on my heart, to hear me.

That is God. The one who fixes his attention on me, always. Every minute of every day. The one who feels my pain. The one who fights for me. The one who died on my behalf. I will be thankful for the God I serve. I will be thankful for the God who walks with me as my best friend through the highest mountains and the lowest valleys. I will cling to him in the valley I am in, because I know that soon I will be soaring high above the mountain tops with him. PLUS. Who wouldn’t want to fly with God above a mountain?!


One thought on “My Best Friend Bought Me Coffee

  1. This is beautiful. God puts people in our lives on purpose! My bf has been there through the roughest parts of my life; I wonder how I would have ever gotten through without him. He ministered through the little things, like taking time out to sit at a restaurant table and listen, or having me over to watch movies and shut the world out. I understand your complete gratitude. Our bf’s are a gift from God.

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