Promises Wrapped in Blessings

“Blessed is she who believed that The Lord would fulfill His promises to her.” Luke 1:45

This verse has been one I have been holding on to for the last few months. It’s a promise about promises. The one who believes the promises of The Lord will be blessed. Cool, huh? Yeah, not so much for me. This verse for this last season has been more of a tease and one of those unattainable things for me; one that deep in my heart I believe is true, but on a day to day basis, my flesh thinks otherwise. I feel like I have been waiting and waiting on the promises of God to come to pass for so long in my own life that it’s pointless to think that they could pass at any given moment and I will be considered blessed. Lie. What does it mean to be blessed anyways? Well, Webster’s dictionary defines blessed as:

1 a: held in reverence : venerated b : honored in worship : hallowed c : beatific 2: of or enjoying happiness; specifically : enjoying the bliss of heaven —used as a title for a beatified person 3: bringing pleasure, contentment, or good fortune

The second and third definitions are the ones that really caught my eye: the third one because that’s how I want blessed to look…I believe in the promises of God and I get good fortune, pleasure, and contentment; but the process of the fulfillment of the promises of God don’t always go that way. Sometimes the road to watching God do a crazy work is hard and full of lots of tears, doubt, and brokenness..and that’s okay. But if that’s the expectation we have, we may end up disappointed on the journey and dreading the road leading up to witnessing God fulfilling his promises instead of being expectant for all God is capable of doing.

I, really like the second definition. “Enjoying the bliss of heaven.” I’ve been really frustrated lately because I’m in this place of just waiting…on a lot. It’s frustrating. But I know the process is good. Today, I was at Vacation Bible School leading some sweet 8 year olds and God gave me a little piece of the bliss of Heaven. It happened during a time when we were praying when one of my little boys dropped to his knees, folded his hands and genuinely prayed to his King. I really believe that was Gods way of saying “I am for you. I want to show you my bliss. Enjoy the process. My promises will come to pass for you.” So of course, I learned something from that. Blessed are those who believe that The Lord will fulfill His promises to them. If we believe in the promises of God and trust in His character, knowing that He is for us and gives us good things, then we can sit back and enjoy the ride because when we believe God is going to do something, He does that PLUS more. I think the more is the bliss of Heaven: shooting stars, a curve on a test, a free coffee…God is out to bless us. He’s faithful to His promises and loving towards all He has made.


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