Sloths Are Nice.

I went to Norman, Oklahoma this last week on fall outreach for the discipleship school I’m in. A summary of the trip is best described with the sentence: “God really loves his children.” My goodness, day after day God is pursuing the mess out of people; people from every nation, clique, and social class…he’s after them. In Norman, I was also reminded that the God of the universe is after me and my heart.

He’s a really good daddy.
Like an amazing daddy.
He only wants the best for me. He only has good for me. He’s obsessed with loving me.

I’m not going to lie, something inside of me changed forever in Norman, Oklahoma. Something inside of me just clicked. I’ve felt the love of God before and I know that I’m deeply loved by him…but I’ve never felt Gods love for me like I did on the campus of Oklahoma University. As our days were spent prayer walking and talking to people, I got lots of time just talking with Jesus…partnering with him, doing what he was doing. The deepest parts of my heart were touched just by being with God. My core was shaken, and in my time with God the deepest parts of my heart laid exposed before my kind, heavenly daddy.
It was then, when I was most raw, that I was changed forever. God didn’t try to fix me, he didn’t try to rebuke me and tell me how dumb I am for sinning…He came alongside of me and reminded me that it wasn’t too long ago that He sent his son, in the likeness of sinful flesh to live on this earth. He understands me. While I’m in process and sitting in the most broken season of life I’ve ever been in, He doesn’t want to prove a point, he bear hugs me and loves the mess out of me.
So if you want to know how I’m feeling after my outreach…here’s an overview:
I’m broken, but not hopeless.
I miss Norman, maybe too much.
I’ve cried and cried since being back in Waco, because I’m just SO loved.
Today is the first day of the rest of my life with God…and I CANNOT WAIT to see what today holds.
Following God is the greatest adventure.

You are loved.
Believe it.
Because you are loved today and everyday for the rest of your life.


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